Adam Kreutinger’s Thumb Slide Control



We’ve teamed up with Youtube Puppet sensation Adam Kreutinger to bring you an incredible, professional grade mechanism control for your puppets.

Based on the system Adam uses in his own puppets, the Thumb Slide Control is designed to flexibly augment the mech for your puppet; blinks, eyebrows and more!

An ergonomic handle with our special adjustable-rod connection; non-stick bowden tubing and high-strength, low-stretch braided dacron line serves to reliably and sensitively control your mechanism. Our system can be connected to a rod or left free-standing in seconds – perfect for speedy adjustments on set!


Each kit comes with:

  • Control Casing
  • Adjustable Handle
  • Thumb Slider
  • 2mm Steel Arm Rod
  • 3m of Braiden Dacron Line
  • 1.2m Bowden Tubing
  • Tools for Adjustment

Check out more of Adam’s work on his YouTube channel or his website:

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